It all began in 1960 with a small pizza store in Ypsilanti, Michigan. 54 years later Domino's came to Kenya. We're here to stay.

By 1989, 5000 stores were cooking up our signature pizza experience all over the US. Today, there are more than 11.000 Domino's Pizza around the world, 6000 of which are outside the US. Kenya is now a part of this international story of pizza success.

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Did you know?

The modern pizza box

Domino’s invented the modern corrugated pizza box which keeps your crust dry and crispy.

The car topper

Domino’s was the first company to feature the 3-D car topper on their delivery cars.

the heatwave bag

The insulated, patented Heatwave bag keeps your pizza hot and delicious all the way home.